Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hodge Podge of Holiday

Here is a bunch of Hodge Podge Holiday.

Just what everyone needs for Christmas....a 5 pound Hershey bar!  Something tells me though, if this was in my house, sooner or later it would get consumed.

Colin's position for decorating the Christmas tree. Mini little chair. 

Romeo after his walk last night hanging out with Ho-Ho.

Me being silly taking my own picture.  I haven't mentioned this yet but I hurt my back over 2 weeks ago and as a result it flared up my Sciatic Nerve.  It has been one of the worst things I've experienced next to child birth without meds.  It has really slowed me down but also forced me to accept what is important and even more with the beginning of Christmas.  This year, I laid on the couch while Colin decorated the tree.  And you know what, it was just as perfect as all of our previous years.  Colin made us both wear Santa hats during our trimming of the tree.

Last night was the first time I felt like going out so we did a bit of Christmas shopping.  Our first stop was Target and Colin wanted to go down every toy isle (except the pink isle).  We played with just about every toy, even the Little Fisher Price stuff.  I personally wanted to take this guy home with me.

After Colin ruled out every toy, he headed to his isle.....the PS3 isle.  I just told my sissy, I think this will be our first Christmas since the last 12 years where I will not buy one toy.  Whaaaaa!  First it was school dances with girls and now it's no toys for Christmas.  Boo-hoo.

I am really enjoying Christmas time right now.  I'm trying very hard to keep my focus on Christ, not let the stress worry me or the shopping and just be happy.  It's the little things like kitties snuggled under the Christmas tree, the smell of pine in our home, Christmas music playing all the time and knowing that the day we celebrate Christ's Birth is coming.

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  1. Me take one of those Cookie Monsters too!
    Your far away sister