Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kitties at Christmas

I purchased a new camera lens for myself and it's definitely been a learning curve.  Colin got tired of being my model, the dog wouldn't even sit to be my model so I got the next best lazy thing(s):

Tiger and Calleigh

Tiger thinks he is hiding.......

Probably my favorite.  She is looking at her chubby brother that jumped on the chair to survey the situation.  I'm laying on the floor next to Calleigh and I'm sure it looked odd.  :)

There really is nothing like kitties at Christmas.  I do believe they feel the joy in the air and want to be a part of it.  Romeo......he just wants some raw-hide.


  1. Love the photos! Have fun with your new lens!

  2. You are getting really good at photography. I think I know where to go if we ever want a new family portrait!!!

  3. Good morning I found your beautiful blog today. I'm starting to do patchwork and would like to join your blog.And I am a cat lover too.
    I'm from Brazil, see my handwork.

  4. I wish I was at your house so I could love on those cute cats. They might actually sit there and like it unlike their grumpy cousin cat of the north.