Monday, January 30, 2012

Another yummy Pinterest Recipe

Oh yum....this was sooooo yummy in my tummy.  Since I still have blueberries in my freezer from MI that we picked this summer, I had to make this.  Since I did not have buttermilk I followed the idea I found on the web to add lemon juice to milk.  The recipe says it is a breakfast cake but I made it for dessert.  Shared it with Mom and Dad because it makes way too much for 1 person to eat.  Even though it was yummy, a little bit goes a long way.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Load of Hearts

Haulin' me a load of hearts


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Up High

Why is it that cat's like to sit way up high?

So that they can scare you when you walk into the kitchen because you didn't notice them peering down on you?

"Mom, why are you laying on the kitchen floor to take a picture of the cat sitting on the frig?"

We lead a very boring life in our house.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I actually made something I pinned on Pinterest

See, all of those hours I have wasted...spent on Pinterest has not gone for nothing!  I actually made a recipe I found on Pinterest and it was pretty yummy.  And the best thing, it only had 3 ingredients and you threw it in the crock pot and the result was yummy Chicken Tacos.

Now I must confess, I altered the recipe a bit.  The place I found it said to use a package of taco seasoning mix.  I did have a package of that, but grabbed a fajita seasoning mix first and decided to wing it.  I really loved how they turned out.  I also used Target's brand of "Traditional" salsa which is also my favorite.  I threw 3 frozen (rock hard) chicken breasts in the crockpot with my other 2 ingredients, added a dash of Cumin for good measure and turned it on.  Since I didn't start the cooking process until we were heading out the door for church, I cooked them on high for around 5 hours.  Once they are totally done I shredded the chicken in their yummy sauce, turned it on low until supper time. 

Colin was visiting his Dad so I took dinner to Mom and Dad's.  They both agreed it was a hit.  I love that it was so easy and actually yummy.  Now, I'm still on a mission for good homemade salsa.  I have tried making many, many recipes and have yet to find what I'm looking for.  If you have any recipes that you love, will you please send them my way?  Would love to hear from you!

Happy Monday

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


Tomorrow.....I re-decorate!

I'm changing up my craft room a tiny bit.  Taking down the curtains and blinds because I'm tired of them and adding some fresh, clean white curtains.  Even though this cute little picture has nothing to do with my agenda (man coming home from work, me painting in a dress), I thought it was cute and appropriate for my weekend plans.

We are getting LOTS of sleet right now.  We are under a blanket of sleet instead of snow.  I think it is supposed to turn into some snow, but we will see what the daybreak brings tomorrow. Colin starts regionals tomorrow and I hate to say it, but if they lose, our basketball season will be done.  (Please excuse me while I do my happy dance and sing a song)

Stay tuned for the before and after pictures!  Unless I don't like it, then no one gets to see it.  :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

iPod touch....the love never ends

I've mentioned a few times before on my blog how much I love my iPod touch.  I am constantly amazed at what can be done with something so incredibly small.  If you haven't had the prividledge to see an iPod touch or an iPad, you won't understand the obsession (that's the best word for it).  But come over if you want, I'll let you play with mine.

Of course there are game apps, entertainment apps, health and fitness, lifestyle, news, social networking.....the list is endless.  I have a few of the above and really enjoy them, but it's the camera apps that have won me over.

As you can see from the screen shot below, I have many camera apps loaded.  In fact, I have devoted one screen to just my fun family of camera apps.  I love playing with all of them to see what type of pictures I can take and fun options of editing.   But it wasn't until tonight that my love reached a new profound level.  For it was tonight that I finally figured out how to get my photos from my little iPod touch to my home computer and then print them on paper.


Here are just two little examples of pictures I took this weekend while walking Romeo.  This photo used the Hipstamatic Camera app (my 2nd favorite next to Instragram).

And this fun film-strip using Pocketbooth.

You may be thinking, what is the big deal?  You see I am so happy to finally know how to get my cute pictures from my iPod to my computer because I was longing to have them printed and placed in my scrapbook albums.  I have had a lot of scrapbook blog envy these days because I have seen so many other ladies achive this and I didn't know how.  Since I decided to participate in Project Life this year, I knew I needed other ways to take pictures than with my SLR camera (big chunky camera).  I know it's just going to be so fun to capture the little pieces of everyday life with my iPod touch.  And I can finally get them printed and on paper.

Having an iPod touch with all of the fun apps allows me to stick it in my purse and carry it with me everywhere.  I don't have an iPhone, just the iPod touch.  It's my own little computer, camera, bundle of fun wrapped up into one....tiny......little......device.

For some this may seem really silly and I know in the big picture of life, it is.  I just love to capture life and document it.  So for me, it's some fun joy.  And hopefully, someday, Colin will look at all of his scrapbooks and say "Mom, why did you take a picture of Romeo's fanny in this picture?".  And I will tell him.....because I could.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day in the Life of Tiger and Romeo

Tiger and Romeo lead very busy lives.

There are games of Hide-and-go-Seek that must be played (behind my bedroom curtains).

(oops...she caught me)

There is important lying around to do.

Cabinets that must be quality controlled on a regular basis.

And freshly fallen snow that must be played in.

And if your lucky enough, your Mom will come outside to take pictures of you and while she is chasing you in the yard, she will wipe out in the slick snow and fall down.  And then I can laugh at her.

Friday, January 13, 2012

You + Two

Good morning World.  Well we have our blanket of white snow but he brought his cold blistery friend with him as well.  That's ok, my world is covered in beautiful, fresh, white snow.

It's 6:00am, I've been up since 4:00am, my mind is in a constant state of thinking these days.  Many things going on, nothing bad, just lots to think about.  Colin had basketball practice at 6:00am so I dropped him off, came back home for a bit and decided to spend some fun time reading my blogs before going to work.

I love to read Meg's blog called "WHATEVER".  It's a favorite in my side bar if you have never checked her out.  Today she had a very inspiring post.  Do you know today marks the 2 year Anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti?  I can't believe it's been 2 years, but I bet the people living there feel like it's been 20 years.  I too cannot imagine losing everything I have and Jesus is all I have left.

She is encouraging her readers to reach out to two friends who will recognize the anniversary by sponsoring a $20 charcoal-efficient stove for a family in Haiti. And the movement begins when those two friends reach out to their 2 friends.

I am sitting at my computer, extra warm in my home, surrounded by crafts in my craft room and if anyone sees my home, they know I have $20.00.  I spend $20.00 like it is $1.00.  I could feel Jesus tugging at my heart so I headed over HERE to buy a sweet family a charcoal-efficient stove. 

Will you please be my 2 friends and pray about giving a stove as well?

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Today I'm singing this!  We are finally getting some snow and I must say it makes me giddy.  I have been waiting on Snow....Snow....Snow....for awhile now.  Sorry to my fans in Michigan, you may be singing "Dump.....Dump.....Dump!"  That crazy lake can reek havoc on you, or so I hear.

Stay safe wherever you are and even if you are not getting Snow, sing along with me and Bing. (scroll down to pause my music below)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I want to make this...

I really want to make this.  It makes me think of summer and my big pots of basil sitting on my patio.  If you think it looks divine too, you can find it here on The Pioneer Woman's Blog. Yuuuuummmmmm!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Last night Colin and I did some shopping in the "Big City" and caught a beautiful sunset on our way home.  He was snapping pictures with my iPod for me since I was driving.  It had the most beautiful shade of Pink and Blue in it.

I think God likes to remind us at times how beautiful of a Creator He is.  He was definitely proving it last night!  Hope you were able to see it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project Life - Cover Page

Well it's the weekend after the first full week of 2012.  How was it?  Ours was nice, quiet and peaceful.  I was trying to think of why things felt more calming and I told my Sister I realized it was because Christmas was over.  I do love the Christmas season, but I also love the calm after the storm.  :)

So with the beginning of a new year comes my Project Life.  I am so excited to be doing this.  It will be a challenge at times but I'm ready.  Who knows if I can ever go back in time and get totally caught up, but by golly I can stay caught up going forward!!

Last weekend I worked on my cover page for my album.  I don't have the actual album yet, so I'm just working on the pages and have them hooked together with a couple rings.  The way I see things I won't need the actual album until December 31, 2012.  :)

I decided to go with Black and White pictures for my cover page and I like how it turned out.  Added some bits of color with my favorite color of yellow.

The "5" represents the size of our family....more furry members than human.

And a close up of the 2012 card.

I already have the first week almost done, it is mostly comprised of birthday pictures of Colin.  I'm wanting to use photos taken with my iPod touch so I'm testing out a few things with it as well.  Seems like there are so many neat ideas that it becomes scrapbook overload at times.  But for me I must keep it real and simple so I can be successful.  And on days when I have more time to spend, I can play with new techniques. 

Hope to show you more as the year progresses!  Happy Saturday!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday to my Buddy

Today is Colin's 13th Birthday.  My, where has time gone?

I look terrible, but happy as can be to hold my sweet baby boy.

Nana holding Colin the day we came home from the hospital.

Cousin Shelby holding Colin for the first time.  She still loves him like a brother.

All grown up, ready to take on the world.

I LOVE you Colin!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December Daily in Review

Happy New Year 2012!  Did you have a good New Year's Eve?  Colin and I did, very low key, had dinner with my parents, watched TV, played games, surfed the Internet and wore silly hats.  Of course the poor animals had to wear the hats too.  They were thrilled.

Little Miss Calleigh

Big Tiger

Colin and Tiger

Me, Colin and Romeo

Now, it's 2012 and I'm on to a new project.  But before I can move on to that, I wanted to share some photos from my December Daily album.  I did a post about it back here.  December was so busy for us, I'm very grateful I stuck it out and finished the album.  I got behind a few days but made sure to devote some free time whenever I had it to getting things caught back up.  I already know a few things I want to change for next year, but for now the album is complete....and very fat.

I mad the covers myself.  I found some cute paper in Chicago when we went on our shopping trip and I covered it. 

Added a little jingle bell and some red ribbon.

Since the front was so busy I added a little card to document the year.

I didn't take a picture of everyday, just chose some of my favorites to share with you.  Day #1 with Skippy our new Elf on the Shelf.  I added part of a baseball card insert cut down.  I LOVE using them in my DD.  I shrink down photos or add extra little goodies.  This one I tried to sew one pocket closed while adding some glitter but I couldn't figure the sewing machine out. We probably all remember how bad I am at sewing.  So in the end I hand stitched the pocket closed.  Determination.

The color of my photos is pretty crummy so hopefully you can still see things.  Since this is December 1st I documented our Advent Calendar and the "First Gift of the Season".

December 2nd Colin's first dance at school.

December 4th, I didn't have any pictures that day (some days are too busy to take pictures) so I just documented our love of watching Christmas movies from ABC's 25 Days of Christmas.

December 6th, added some childhood pictures of me and my Sister.  It isn't always about today, past memories are special too.

That's me crying with Santa. :) 

December 9th, more Skippy.  He made an appearance often in the DD this year.

December 10th, our trip to Chicago with another baseball card insert.

December 17th, gift wrapping....remember this is real life.  Not just the fluff of the holidays.

December 20th, my tiny stack of Christmas Cards before they got mailed and I added a card to the album.  The red envelope has little goodies tucked inside I kept from different days.  Maybe a receipt, a letter from the mail, pictures I didn't add to the album, whatever I found. 

Opposite side of the envelope is our actual Christmas card.  The other picture is a picture I took of my food at Wendy's when Mom and I went shopping.  :)  Food is always good.

Another baseball card insert.  Colin and I made a craft on December 22nd so I documented the event.

And finally Christmas Day.  I of course had many pictures so I picked my favorites and added a collage.  By now, I'm getting tired and frankly wanted to just be done.  I didn't spend much time on the pages but since it wasn't a beauty contest, the results were fine with me.

I really do love creating the album.  As I mentioned it is hard some days, extra busy and just extra tired.  If I didn't feel like working on it, I didn't.  Usually by the next day I was excited to get things printed and documented so I would get back on it.  Hopefully Colin will enjoy it for years to come.

Now that it's 2012 I am ready for my next project.  This one is much bigger than December Daily.  It is called Project Life and the founder's blog can be found here if you want to learn more about it.  Basically it's a very, very easy way to scrapbook everyday life.  I have 2 Project Life albums but they are not 100% complete.  My plan is to go forward with 2012 and hopefully here and there, go back and finish up the other 2 years.  Again, it's a personal commitment you make.  It doesn't work for everyone, it's just something I really love to do so I find the time.  Let's hope each week I stay up with it.

I got all of my Christmas items put away and have been organizing my Project Life items.  Of course you can use any and all scrapbook things (which I have a craft room full of), but I know I must personally keep it simple to stay up on this.  The way the album pages are set up allow you to use little baseball card size cards that slide into the pockets.  You can quickly print your photos (4x6), slide them into the inserts, journal on the smaller cards and be done.  I was able to do 6 months of 2009 in 2 weekends.  It went that fast.

Here is part of my workstation....lots of fun goodies.  Smash Album cards, lots of Japanese tape that I love, doilies, pens, date stamps, paper clips, ink pads, etc.

I love that little bowl.  Colin gave it to me for Christmas, it's from Anthropology.  Maybe some day I might use it for food (or not)!

Another bin with all of my Project Life journaling cards and other little goodies.

I'm ready.  It's 2012!  Let's remember, share, document and celebrate life!