Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project Life - Cover Page

Well it's the weekend after the first full week of 2012.  How was it?  Ours was nice, quiet and peaceful.  I was trying to think of why things felt more calming and I told my Sister I realized it was because Christmas was over.  I do love the Christmas season, but I also love the calm after the storm.  :)

So with the beginning of a new year comes my Project Life.  I am so excited to be doing this.  It will be a challenge at times but I'm ready.  Who knows if I can ever go back in time and get totally caught up, but by golly I can stay caught up going forward!!

Last weekend I worked on my cover page for my album.  I don't have the actual album yet, so I'm just working on the pages and have them hooked together with a couple rings.  The way I see things I won't need the actual album until December 31, 2012.  :)

I decided to go with Black and White pictures for my cover page and I like how it turned out.  Added some bits of color with my favorite color of yellow.

The "5" represents the size of our family....more furry members than human.

And a close up of the 2012 card.

I already have the first week almost done, it is mostly comprised of birthday pictures of Colin.  I'm wanting to use photos taken with my iPod touch so I'm testing out a few things with it as well.  Seems like there are so many neat ideas that it becomes scrapbook overload at times.  But for me I must keep it real and simple so I can be successful.  And on days when I have more time to spend, I can play with new techniques. 

Hope to show you more as the year progresses!  Happy Saturday!

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