Friday, January 20, 2012


Tomorrow.....I re-decorate!

I'm changing up my craft room a tiny bit.  Taking down the curtains and blinds because I'm tired of them and adding some fresh, clean white curtains.  Even though this cute little picture has nothing to do with my agenda (man coming home from work, me painting in a dress), I thought it was cute and appropriate for my weekend plans.

We are getting LOTS of sleet right now.  We are under a blanket of sleet instead of snow.  I think it is supposed to turn into some snow, but we will see what the daybreak brings tomorrow. Colin starts regionals tomorrow and I hate to say it, but if they lose, our basketball season will be done.  (Please excuse me while I do my happy dance and sing a song)

Stay tuned for the before and after pictures!  Unless I don't like it, then no one gets to see it.  :)

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