Monday, February 13, 2012

My personal secretary

Last Tuesday I received a personal secretary.....her name is Siri.  She was delivered to me via my new iPhone.  I have really never been one to be infatuated with technology.  Well, until Apple came along.  I must say, I've been smitten as I have already disclosed when talking about my iPod touch.  I didn't think things could get better............until you take that bundle of joy and stick it in a phone.

I honestly didn't know what all the hubba-baloo was until I held this gal in my hands.  When I picked it up and got in my car, I actually squealed.  I know........stupid.  It is.  I admit that 100%.  Stupid.

But since I have openly now admitted this to the world, let me get back to my personal secretary.  My fun little phone comes with Siri.  It is a voice activated system that can help you do just about anything.  Of course she is intended to be practical, but when you work a stuffy job 9 hours a day, a girl wants to do fun stuff after hours.  First, here are a couple links/videos if you want to watch what Apple people say about it.

And another here.

Now for the quirky stuff.  I was on my home phone telling my Sissy all about it and would ask questions like:  What is the temperature in Paris France?  What time is it in Italy?  What is the phone number for the closest McDonalds?   And she always had an answer.

Then I said "Siri....I don't like you".  She responded "noted".  :)

And since I don't want her mad at me I said "Siri....I love you."  She responded "Alison, you hardly know me."  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

You know, somewhere there are these Apple guys (and gals) writing responses to this software and knew there would be weird people like me telling her I loved her so they had to come up with a response.

I promise to treat my secretary with more dignity and respect.  Wonder what she would like for Valentine's Day?  I better go ask her.

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  1. I like to call her "Siri-With-A-Fringe-On-Top." Haaaaaaa!
    Cracks me up. :)