Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yesterday I spent a chunk of money on something that wasn't really "fun".....but necessary.  I purchased a new mattress set for myself.  This isn't the type of purchase I can just run out and do, I have to plan and budget for it.  I have needed a new mattress for a long time now so it's been on my "to-do" list and yesterday was the day.  I've been doing a bit of shopping around and found that our local furniture store was very reasonable and would take care of free delivery and removal of my old mattress.  Gotta love your home town stores.

After I made my selection and paid for things, we headed home.  But before we get there, have you ever gone mattress shopping?  Do you find it weird to lay on all of the beds?  I'm not even thinking of everyone else's cooties on the bed.  It's just weird to lay on a bed while talking to a salesman.  I just wanted to tell them go away, I'll come find you when I want to talk.  It made me feel like I needed to put a robe on or something.  I'm sure it's just me.

Colin helped me drag out my old mattress to get things ready for the delivery guy.  I also had to quickly vacuum because Heaven knows, I had about 4 yrs of fur-balls under my bed that have never seen the light of day.  In fact, I had enough to make another small animal.  Nice.

With the old mattresses standing up in my kitchen, I heard my two kitties playing in between the mattress and box springs.  At one time I separated the two and found Calleigh climbing up the mattress.  Told her to enjoy herself, her claw-pad would be gone very soon.

Before long the delivery guys showed up, carried in the new box spring and then the mattress and even made sure my dust ruffle was on and straight.  They tore off all the plastic, grabbed my old set and was gone within 5 minutes.  I think they have done this get-up a time or two in their delivery history.  As soon as they were gone, we both ran and jumped on the bed.  Ahhhhhhhh........it's been a long time since I've had a new bed.  I won't tell you how long, let's just say my mattress was older than Colin (by a few).

I did finally make my bed, but pulling the covers down last night was the best.  I think I woke up in the same spot I fell asleep in.  No aches or pains this morning either which felt so good.  Is it time to go Nighty-Night yet?  Yup, my bed is calling me.

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