Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Life

I haven't posted any other pictures of my Project Life album so I thought I would show you some.  If you remember from here, I decided to start a PL album for 2012 and actually keep it up.  I made an album for 2009 and 2010 but it was more of a "go back and get caught up" kind of thing.  (Notice how I haven't done anything for 2011?)  So far we are on week #7 and I'm staying caught up!  It is such a feeling of accomplishment, sure hope I can keep the momentum going.

Since last week was Valentine's Day week, I had lots of cute pictures I wanted to include.  Throughout the week I try to snap as many pictures as possible.  I use my big Canon DSLR camera, iPod Touch and now my iPhone to take pictures.  Some have a theme, some are totally random.  Colin will either like the randome ones when he is old and looking at his albums or think his Mom was wacky (probably the latter).

By Friday night I try to devote time to getting my photos printed.  Since I don't have fancy photo editing software (only the free stuff you can find on-line like PhotoScape), it was harder for me to print multiple sizes of photos on one sheet of paper.  When you print your own photos at home you try to be as thrify as possible.  But I knew there had to be a work-around so I kept playing.  I ended up adding the photos to a blank piece of paper in WORD and it works great.  :)

I decided to have my week consist of Monday-Sunday so I try to finish things up with the whole spread before Sunday evening comes to a close.  I don't press myself to take a picture every single day.  Somedays I miss a day and I don't think twice about it.  Many days I miss Sunday because I'm ready to print and scrap, but if I end up with something I'll save a space and go back later to update my page.

When I have my photos printed, I decide what color theme I want to go with.  In the above 2 pictures you can see how it's shaping up.  I lay my photos on top of the pages to figure out where I want them to go.  Then I start cutting out paper.  I learned this idea from one of my favorite blogs "Mish Mash". I go with a theme and use the same paper on the entire spread.  It's too hard to look through all of your paper stash and change it up for each picture.  Too time consuming and I would never get it done. Since this was Valentine's Day week, I went with red, pink and blue.

And here are my finished pictures.  I try to journal as much as I can with stories to tell.  I date stamp many pictures and add extras I have kept throughout the week as well.

If my picture can tell the story in small version I print it small to add to one of the 3"x4" slots.  You can really add a lot more pictures this way (like the picture of our heart shaped pizza above).

As someone that loves to scrapbook this gives me that pleasure on a smaller scale.  Instead of designing a huge 12 x 12 page, I get to add all of my scrapbook goodies and actually accomplish something!  :)

All 3 of the above pictures were taken with my iPhone.  I love the 4x4 size.  The two side by side of Tiger was created using the Diptic App.  It enables you to create a collage with photos taken on your Touch or Phone. I then cut it in half to fit one picture in each 3x4 pocket.

That is week #7 of my Project Life.  I can't wait for the year to progress and see this album grow.

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  1. You are an over achiever. I are so good. :)
    Can't wait to see it in person. When you coming up?