Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Saturday

How's your Saturday going??!!  I hope well.  A little bit of randomness here because we've had a little bit of everything going on.  Colin is visiting his Dad so Romeo and I ran some errands.  It was beauty shop day for dog-dog.....he needed a bath.  I started taking him to Pet Smart when I got him and the groomers at our store are extra sweet.  They always remember Romeo and he has his favorites as well.  I know he loves the girls grooming him and all the smells, but not sure he cares of the bath event.  Every time I go to pick him up I can hear him barking his little head off before I even get into the grooming salon.  But, muddy feet and stinky bottoms need washed.  :)

He always gets a treat after bath-time.  I used to walk him around Pet Smart and let him pick something out but that is like letting a kid go in a candy shop.  However little kids do not smell other kids bottoms (or at least I hope not).  It's too hard to hold him back from other dogs and people, pay at the counter and get out of that place in one piece so we stopped the "shopping hour".  I buy his treat before I pick him up and we head straight to the car after leaving the beauty shop.  I have a bottle of water waiting and a treat and then we head home.  Once he is home, he usually takes a nap after his rough day.

But today I decided to take him for a walk when we got home.  The sun was shining, it was a bit chilly but still a beautiful day.  And I was especially happy to hear the Cardinals singing "pretty-pretty-pretty"!  That means Spring is near!!!!

Mr. Handsome with his Santa Clause beard.

Look at those freshly manicured paws.  I just love him.

Now to jump to craft time.

I saw this cute pin and saved it to my Pinterest awhile ago.  The wreath was so sweet so I wanted to make one to hang on my old window frame.  I couldn't find the same color of yarn so I went with a darker shade.  I also couldn't find the same flower ribbon so I used some cream paper flowers I had in my scrapbook room.  Pinned them on with pink stick pins (buy at any fabric shop).

I love it!  Very Springy and I need it around here.  Ready to see lots of green and no more yucky brown.'s this shade of brown.  I'll keep him.

And this is the smile I got when I asked him to look at me.  Nice hair-lip Tiger.

Happy Weekend!

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