Monday, February 6, 2012

A weak moment

So I had a weak moment last week.  My Sissy told me about this little contraption she found on a lady's blog and called me one night to have me look at it.  It was this little printer that besides being cute, it was functional!  With a bluetooth connection it prints little 2x3 prints.  How fun is that?!?! You know where this is going.....right?

So after a few nights of pondering it, I talked myself into buying it.  I was telling Colin about it and then he did what every smart kid would do, he did the ole' role reversal and became the "logical" parent while I was the frivolous kid.  So when I was just about ready to hit purchase in my Amazon account, I decided against it.  We went to bed and that was the end of it.

Until the next morning.

When I got up and saw another lady's blog that used the same little printer.

Colin was still in bed asleep. 

The little devil on the other side of my shoulder made me do it.

Yeah....he made me add that Pogo Printer back to my cart at Amazon and proceed to checkout.  Yeah...he made me do it. 

Did I tell you it was cute and functional?

So fast forward a few days and the UPS guy delivered my weak moment purchase and the following morning Colin and I headed to MI to see my Sissy for the weekend.  The one that told me I needed to purchase this little printer, remember her?  :)  Me, Colin, Romeo and my new printer friend headed to MI Friday morning to spend the weekend with them.  After lots of visiting I break out the little guy so we can figure out how to use him.  It hasn't been real successful yet but I need to give this relationship some time.  I need to nurture it a bit more (and read the directions) and then I think it will turn into a great thing.  There will be no regrets........or there better not be!

Since I had this cute new little printer my Sissy told me she would make me a cute case for him.  Before we came home Sunday she opened up her big craft cabinet and asked me to pick some fabric.  I picked out two pieces because I couldn't pick just one.  She wipped that little case out in no time flat.  Next time, I will ask for a quilt.

See my cute case?

See my weak moment?

See my dog-dog that doesn't care about any of the above?

And that's the story of my weak moment.  If you ever need someone to talk you about of a purchase, just give me a call and I'll hook you up with Colin.  I guess all of those parenting moments I have tried to teach him about spending money wisely came back to bite me on this one.  My weak moment did cost me $50.00 (PERSONALLY....I don't think that was very bad).  It may be $50.00, but by golly those mini pictures are going to look darn cute in my Project Life album!  Or at least they better.  If not, the printer and case will look darn cute.

Thank you Sissy.

Thanks Colin for being the smart one in our family (joy sucker).  just kidding


  1. LOL! I am sure you will really enjoy it, it looks so small and cute and the case your sissy made is just adorable!! Have fun with your new purchase (w/o any guilt!!!)

  2. I did redeem myself by whipping up that super cute sleeping bag for your impulse buy. Right????
    Come back. I missy you.