Monday, March 26, 2012

New set of wheels

Colin's got a new set of wheels and he is in love.

Our old riding lawn mower died so he and Papa were on a mission to find a new one.  Our yard is plenty small enough that we don't need a riding lawn more, this is more of a dream for Colin than a necessity. On Saturday Colin and Papa found one so the red Huskee came home.  Colin would love to mow lawns as a small business.  We are taking it small, for now he mows neighbors and Nana/Papa's for free.  Papa is teaching him the In's and outs of moving and weed-whacking (is that a word?).

It's good for boy's to learn what it means to provide for their family.  Even something as little as tending to the yard.  And some acts of kindness with the neighbors is good for him too.  Watch our for this guy to be cruising the streets.  Next on his agenda is to buy a small wagon to pull the weed whacker and other small "manly" items.  :)  Cracks me up.