Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Week

How's your week going?  It's Thursday evening so I hope it's really good by now.  We are on the downhill slope and I know I can't be more ready for a Friday!  I was looking through the photos on my phone because on Friday nights if we don't have plans I try to get things going with my Project Life for the week.  Thought I would share some funny shots with you.

My international friends with the new iPad sent me a note about a new camera app they discovered.  I downloaded it and it's been lots of fun to play with.  It's called PuddingCam and it has some FUN settings.  Above is bubble nose Calleigh.

4 frames of little Miss

My favorite, love the long whiskers.

Last night Colin and I had to attend an after school event called Voices.  It is part of his Literature class where the kids and parents read novels together and then get together each quarter to participate in an event.  Last night we were given the task of dressing up and once we arrived at the school we would be given our lines.  I was the lucky winner of "Grandma". Luckily Mom had the perfect props.

Colin was supposed to be a monkey but all he did was a tail.  I think I got the short end of the stick in this get-up.  You can't see my feet but I'm wearing my house slippers with little white socks.  It put me out of my comfort zone but I did it for my kid.  And chances are I'll never do it again.  Just saying.

Colin has been bugging me for a McDonald's Shamrock shake so we finally got one tonight.  Gotta love the green color.  He let me have a sip of his and it was pretty tasty too.

Tuesday evening Mom and Dad brought dinner to our home because I had a rough day at work.  Dad delivered it so it was waiting at home when we got there.  He always packs up the meal in a cardboard box and lines it with newspaper.  He is afraid things will spill in the car so he is Mr. Clever.

Colin, Dad and I call it the Meals on Wheels.  Calleigh has come to love the Meals on Wheels box.  She is so tiny and petite and fits inside the box.  She believes we cannot see her but she keeps an eagle eye on us.

Now this guy is anything but tiny and petite and not very graceful either.  Tonight while sitting at my computer he decided to climb the window in an attempt to catch some bugs.  Since it is dark outside but my table light was on, there were tons of bugs hitting the window.  Big Guy thought he could stand on top of the window ledge even though the window is closed and only about 1 inch wide.  Yeah.....good job Tiger.

Another week of our not so exciting life.  But it's fun for me.  Happy almost Friday.

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