Friday, April 6, 2012

Day off from work

Happy Good Friday!

Colin is out of school for a few days so I decided to take today off from work to share a day with him.  It's been an extra fun day so far.  My internal alarm clock went off at 5:45am so there wasn't any sleeping in for me. But Colin and Tiger took advantage of a no-school day.  This is how I found them at 9:00am (lazy bums).

Around 10:00am I found the other lazy bum in Colin's bedroom.  I guess Colin's bedroom is the place to be if you are tired.

We decided to eat lunch at a local Candy Kitchen.  Colin had him a Green River.

After lunch we went Antiquing.  My boy loves to scrounge for goodies just like his Mama.  We hit a new store in our town that had super cute Retro items from the 50's.  Wish I could have purchased the whole store.  Headed down the road to another Antique store and that is where I found my new man.  His name is Royal.....Caravan Royal to be exact.  I think he is around 40 years old.  Just my type.....Ha....type.  :)  He came home with me today, only cost me $20.00.  Cheap date.

Colin has never played with a real typewriter.  He asked me where spell check was and I cracked up laughing.  Caravan Royal isn't the most handsome, the cuter models are too expensive.  I want to use it for some Project Life tags.  Gotta get his ribbon re-inked and then he will be ready to go.

Already typed up a little card for my PL.  It appears as though I needed that spell check feature.  Oh well....the real joys of typing.

I hope you are enjoying this special Easter weekend.

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