Friday, April 27, 2012

Last weekend...a little late

So it's already this weekend, but I thought I would share last weekend with you. I was just uploading my photos to get things printed for Project Life and remembered I had some cute pictures to document.  I'm a week behind again in the ole' PL....but life happens...and you thrust forward.

Sunday it was bath day for Romeo.  He had an appointment at the beauty shop so Colin and I did some shopping while dog-dog was getting beautified.  We headed to Rural King for Romeo's favorite raw-hide (pig skin actually....much better to digest). Of course while in Rural King you must help yourself to the free popcorn. And then you must grab a kiddy pool for your dog.  Because it was only $8.00 and chances are if you give an Aussie a pool.....he's gonna want to swim in it.  Time will tell.

Do you know how hard it is to carry a pool around the store while eating popcorn at the same time?

So after we crammed the pool in the car we headed to PetSmart to check on dog-dog.  He was almost finished, just standing on the table thing getting some final touches. As soon as he saw us he decided he was DONE with this beauty shop thing and wanted to go!  So he barked his bloody head off through the glass window.  The sweet girl taking care of him did such a good job.

Back home and all clean he deserved a treat from Rural King....pig's ear.  Yummmmm

Gotta love the iPhone app that makes even a pig's ear look pretty.

While shopping in the big city Papa was at our house getting a surprise ready.  Colin has been bugging his Papa for a few weeks wishing he would help put up a tire swing in our backyard.  Colin knew Papa was working on it and was becoming too impatient.  Well Papa gave in and spent his Sunday afternoon getting it hooked up.

Needless to say...Colin was thrilled.  He swung on that tire until it was dark and freezing cold outside.

I guess you are never too old for a tire swing.

Thanks again Papa!

Well, let's see what this weekend brings.....shall we?

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  1. I have no idea what this weekend will bring for you....but I do know that next weekend will be fun fun fun with meeeeeeeee! :)
    love u!