Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday nite fun

Happy Friday!!

It's been a very warm week here, been over 100 degrees for the last two days and let's just say I am thanking the Lord constantly that we have air conditioning.  It's beyond HOT outside.  So we have resorted to some "cool" things to do tonight and much of it involved the inside.

However before we go inside, it was time for a dip in the hose for this furry animal.  Romeo needed a bath so we hosed him down in the backyard. He isn't really fond of it, but he suffers through it.

There....all clean.  Gotta love the fuzzy butt.

He really likes to be dried with the towel.  Not sure why...maybe he knows it means the bath is finally over.


After bath time we all headed inside. Colin and I were soaked so we had to get dry clothes on. We then decided to make homemade carmel corn so we could take it with us to the fireworks tomorrow night.  One of our neighbor towns is celebrating the 4th of July so we are going to go watch their fireworks.  Homemade carmel corn is a tradition in our family.  My Grandma made it, handed it down to Mom and now my Sissy and I make it for our familes.


Even dog-dog likes popcorn.

The rest of the evening was spent indoors.  I worked on my Project Life (3 weeks behind...ugh) and Colin watched some TV and played Legos.  Later on I went into the family room to check on him and this is what I discovered.

Colin is on the loveseat.....too long to fit on it.

Tiger is on the couch......too short to fit.


Hope you are staying cool this warm June evening.  Happy 4h of July a bit early.

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