Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project Life

It's be awhile since I have shown some of my Project Life pages.  It's been challenging at times but I'm still keeping up with things.  I did however just recover from being 5 weeks behind but I was determined to get back on track.  Life happens and you just can't always work on fun things each week.  Sometimes having clean underwear is more important.  :)

Below is week 16: April 16 - 22

Colin was heavy into Track season.  Took a picture of the bus pulling up at the school because I remember being a 7th grader, getting home from sporting events and seeing my parents sitting in their car waiting on me.  And now I'm the parent (boo-hoooooo!!).

Cute pic of Calleigh looking all sweet.

Another pic of my Sissy on Colin's laptop via Skype. She is at home sitting in her bed in her jammies and Dad was sitting in front of the laptop opening up his Birthday presents from her. Families from afar celebrate in unconventional methods, but I sure do love having Skype. Thank you Mr. Skype guy for creating that software!

Pictures of Colin playing Lego's one Friday night, mowing, Romeo at beauty shop and finally Colin on his new tire swing.  Love that picture most of all.

This little picture is just from last Monday. Colin filled up that pool for Romeo but as you can tell someone else is playing in it besides the dog.  Like that duckie from October Afternoon.

This too was a recent picture from last Wednesday. Colin and I had a bonfire and made smores (with peanut butter).  I'm all about taking pictures of food for some reason.  Oh yes, see my mini ice cream cone next to the smore?

Here is the full spread of the above pictures from Week 22.

Memorial Day was Tee-Tee's birthday, more pool pictures and pictures from our bonfire.

Going backwards a week, this is Week 21...week before my Sissy came home.

Hodgepodge of pictures and events.  RX for the cat, lazy cats, picture of work Van from my Dad's job with a blank piece of paper because I still want Colin to journal about his day. I like to get Colin's handwriting in the album too so one day he will see his handwriting.  Pictures of our patio, umbrella and dog-dog sitting next to sheets hanging on clothesline.  Love that pic too!

More pics of week 21, another clothesline picture since I just love how peaceful that looks. I mean seriously, a quilt hanging on the line is just lovely.  A picture of Dad and Colin building, another one I'm happy to capture. Picture of Romeo sunbathing in my yard. I used Instagram to edit that using the little tear-drop option that adds some blurriness. LOVE that feature. It allows you to just focus on one piece of your picture while the rest has a slight blur.

A picture of my Sissy with her birthday cupcakes lined up, Romeo begging for breakfast and a pic taken of the temperature (99 degrees) last Sunday.

And going backwards again to Week 18.  Started the week at home with mish-mash of photos and then ended the week in MI.

Pic's of my Sissy and Colin in the Cafe where she works. Colin cooking in the cafe, my oldest niece and her cute boyfriend and Colin/Romeo on the beach.

And that is part of my Project Life!  I love this album.

Since we are talking about scrapbooking and pictures, wanted to share something else for any iPhone users.  I found another very cool photo app called  "Vintage Cam". It's another way to edit photos just like Instagram but it gives your photos such a vintage appeal. Below is a before and after picture of Colin and Romeo on the pier in St. Joe, MI.

Love it!

Happy Sunday

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