Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six weekend

Yesterday Collin and I headed to Chicago to visit Six Flags, Great America.  It was a 6 hour round trip drive so we knew it wouldn't be an all day event, but we still had lots of fun and got LOTS of thrills.

Ever since visiting Disney a few years ago Colin gained a love of roller coasters.  Even though Disney doesn't have a lot of them, he knew he liked them.  Six Flags said they had 13 coasters so we were excited about going.  I may be 41 yrs old, but I still love the thrill of something super fast (but I forgot how much they can rattle your brain).  :)

This was the first coaster we rode.  It was pretty short and had a small track.  It blasted you out of the gate and you went super fast up this piece of track, twirled a bit and then flew down backwards to the other side of the track and did the same thing.  But when you went backwards, you ended up belly side down on the other end of the track looking straight down at the ground, until it took off down and shot you up the other side of the track.  It did that back and fourth 3 times.

This thing was by far the ride that gave us the most thrill of the day.  And honestly, it was a bit scary.  I didn't really like being belly side down, feet dangling, looking down at the ground at this little pond. I told Colin later "wonder if they put that water there in case someone fell".

Let's not think about that.

These are the seats you were harnessed into.  Let's say the Lord heard from me many times yesterday in short little prayers.

From there we headed to the American Eagle.  Anyone from the Midwest knows about the Screamin' Eagle, the same wooden roller coaster at Six Flags in St. Louis.  I've ridden that one a hundred times in my life.  The American Eagle was the same thing, a super fast wooden coaster. 

 Colin had never ridden a wooden coaster and by the end of the ride he loved it. I love the "click, click, click" as you are climbing that huge hill. I love how rough they are (hence the rattling of the brain) and how they jerk you around. Both of us did a whole lot of screaming.

This was the Demon.  It was one that went upside down many times, had some cork screws and just went super fast.  Another super fun one.

I told Colin we had to ride some other "slower things" to give our brain's a rest.  Plus the lines to the coasters were super long so we were burning up our entire day standing in line waiting.  One of my best memories of this park with my Mom, Dad and Sister is this double decker carousal.  I remember walking into this park when Mom and Dad would bring us, see this carousal set behind the little wading pond and remember the feeling of excitement as a little girl.


We rode the horses on the top level.  Even this Mama climbed on a horse.  About couldn't get off of it, but I got on it.


After that I wanted to ride the log flume because that was another fun ride for me as a kid.  Unfortunately I thought we were standing in like for the log flume but instead it was for these little boat things.  They look harmless....right?


Once the line curled around enough to see the end of the ride you saw the huge drops these boats did.  I saw the HUGE splash these boats went through.  I saw the DRENCHED people exiting the ride.  It was too late to go back now.

Well, needless to say, I got drenched.  More than Colin.  The biggest wave landed right on top of my face.  My hair was soaking wet.  In fact Colin said "Mom, you look like you just got out of the shower".  Great....just how I want to look for the rest of the day.  You can't really tell it from this picture because my hairspray kept my hair in the same spot as it was before.  It was just dripping with water.

Oh well....we keep moving.  Wet hair, wet underwear or not.

Another non-coaster ride.  Didn't really care for this, it spun too fast in a circle.  Same reason I cannot handle the girly Teacup ride at Disney.  Makes me sick every time.

After spending most of the day on rides and waiting in lines Colin wanted to try his hand at some games.  He REALLY wanted to win that Despicablel Me stuffed animal you see in the above picture.  When I saw what he had to do to win it, I knew it was probably next to impossible.  I just feel all of these games are rigged so your chance of winning is very, very slim. 

As I expected...he didn't win.

But really, that guy was so big he would have taken up our whole back seat so it's a good thing.  Don't tell him I said that.

So then he went to a game he felt more comfortable at...shooting hoops.  And to our excitement, he made his first shot.

And won this cute guy.  More up my speed in size.

Our day was coming to an end, our feet were killing us but we wanted to ride one more ride so we picked this one. Another spinney thing but it didn't go fast, it just went up high.  Which I'm good with heights so I said lets go. 

Cute picture of us sitting in the basket thing together.  See my now dried but crunchy hair?


When we stepped off the ride we could smell funnel cakes.  Colin has never had one so I spent the $9.00 for us to share one.  He is hooked, he loved it.  Even if it left you covered in powdered sugar, it was worth the experience.

Our final picture of the day.  Colin and his new friend standing in front of that Carousal before we took our tired bodies, sore feet, crunchy hair and left for home.


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  1. It looks like you had so much fun together. You are so brave to ride the rollover coasters! My oldest son is a huge fan of coasters. I used to take my boys to the six flags in St.Louis when we lived there. Your pics bring back memories!