Sunday, August 26, 2012

Visiting my Sister

A few weekends ago now we headed North to see my Sister and family in Michigan.  It was our last trip before Summer break was over and back to school.  As always we had lots of fun and did lots of fun things.  We squeezed in a trip to the beach too even though the water was freezing cold!

Romeo came with us to see his Aunt Shann.  My Sister's kitty, Simon, is not very happy when Romeo comes to visit.  Simon is scared of our big hairy doggie, even though Romeo could care less about him.  But for some reason, this visit, Simon decided he didn't want to hide upstairs the whole time, he came downstairs and was part of the family fun.  He did however sit as high as he could so he could keep a close eye on dog-dog.

Romeo loves to look outside Aunt Shann's patio door.  I think the kids were in the backyard playing so he was keeping a close eye on them.

He also liked to keep a close eye on Aunt Shann while she was cooking.  He is a very good beggar.

But after a while you get tired of begging, so you must lay down and beg.

And finally you succumb to sleepy time and just take a nap.

We headed to our favorite beach, South Haven, to do a little shopping and beach viewing.  By the time we finished shopping the sun was behind the clouds so it was pretty cool at the beach.  But the water was super cold.....52 degrees to be exact.  This is Colin's reaction to sticking his toes in the frigid waters.

Colin and Cousin Taylor

That's about it for this trip to MI.  Seems like this trip I visited more than took pictures.  But that's what family is all about.  Spending precious time together.

Miss you Sissy already!!!

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  1. Random questions:
    1. Who's kids are those by the water??? Those can not be ours. They are too old.
    2. That is one cute cat. Know where I can find about two more? That would make me officially more of a crazy cat lady than you. ;)
    3. I love my kitchen in your pictures. And my floors look pretty clean in them too. Which is a miracle in itself. Can you come up and take more?
    4. Why do we have to live so far from each other. Why oh why?