Sunday, September 30, 2012

I love weekends

I had a great weekend.  It was full of happy memories, lots of love, and some fun new stuff for my bedroom.  The fun started Friday night when my Sissy and family came home from Michigan  They came home because we had a special wedding to attend this weekend.  The bride was the young lady that used to babysit Colin for most of his life.  She and her family are very dear to Colin and I so it was an extra special wedding to attend.  She was marrying her high school sweetheart.

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The wedding was so beautiful.  It was outdoors at their farm home and was so simple yet so unbelievably beautiful.

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Here is a picture of Colin with the brides two sisters.  Colin loves them just as much as the bride because all 3 have babysit him over the last 13 years and constantly love on him.  Can you see the joy and love in his face too?

After my Sissy left for home it was time to do some home chores.  A month or so ago Colin was asking me questions about our laundry mat.  I said to him "everyone deserves to do laundry one time in their life at the Ole' Laundry Mat".  I should have never said that.  Thursday night while doing laundry my washing machine appeared to be leaking water.  Not a good sign.  Since we were so busy this weekend Dad couldn't get over to look at my washer but I needed to do laundry so we went to our local laundry mat. (He has since looked at my machine and it is ok) The laundry mat was interesting.

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It's expensive to do laundry at this joint!! So happy this isn't an every week event.  Luckily I only had to wash my clothes, I could take them home to dry, so in the end we were only there about 40 minutes.  Colin got his laundry mat experience and hopes he never has to go back again.

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I did wish I could take these colorful chairs home with me.  :)

The other fun piece of this weekend was the installation of my new headboard. Colin and I are in the middle of remodeling our bedrooms.  More of that to come later.  My room is slowing coming together and I love it.  I found some inspiration on Pinterest and found THIS idea for a headboard and fell in love with the look.  So I decided to borrow her idea and do the same to my new bedroom.

A few weeks ago I found this cute 5 panel door at an Antique store for $20.00 and bought it.  I painted it, Dad added some trim so I could have a little shelf and today we hung it up.

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I only have a double bed and knew it would be bigger than my bed, but I didn't want to cut the door down so it does hang over a bit, but I don't mind.  I love my sweet little bedroom.  Now it's time to get busy on Colin's!  He's got some fun things coming.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Corn Dog

Romeo + Corn = Corn Dog

How's that for some Saturday humor?!  I know, pretty lame.  But our corn dog did visit the beauty shop today and got him self beautified.  On our way home we took the country so Romeo could stick his head out the window.  I wanted a picture of the corn before it was all harvested so I made the two of them get out and pose next to a corn field.

This is what you get drug into when your Mama scrapbooks.  But I love the picture and such a true reflection of our life in the Midwest.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Man it's tough being a kid in the life of a cereal isle at Wal-mart.


Friday, September 7, 2012


Why does life have to be so busy?  I can't even say it's because we do a lot of things because we don't.  We are a family that loves to stay home and just be a family, but it still seems like the days slip away.  Maybe that is how life goes.

If it must slip away, I will still try to snap a picture here and there to document as much of it as I can.  I always have a furry friend that looks cute and requires to have his/her picture taken. Like this one of Romeo this morning sitting on the patio enjoying the morning breeze.

Or these two sitting on top of the frig waiting to be fed.  I do feed them on top of the frig so Romeo (piggy) doesn't eat their food.  I figure what better place to eat than on top of the frig?

Each evening I have my normal routine right before bed.  I pull my covers down, fluff my pillows, turn our the lights except for my bed side lamp and then go brush my teeth.  The other night when I came back to get in bed I found a ceratin dog-dog decided to turn my comforter into his bed. Used the pillows and all!  Smart dog.

Romeo and I on our nightly walks.

And since every picture so far has been of my furry children, I figured I better end with my not-so-furry child.....Colin.  Here is is on his 1st day of school.  The big 8th grader.

Hope you are slowing down this weekend to enjoy some family time.  I know I'm ready for it.