Friday, September 7, 2012


Why does life have to be so busy?  I can't even say it's because we do a lot of things because we don't.  We are a family that loves to stay home and just be a family, but it still seems like the days slip away.  Maybe that is how life goes.

If it must slip away, I will still try to snap a picture here and there to document as much of it as I can.  I always have a furry friend that looks cute and requires to have his/her picture taken. Like this one of Romeo this morning sitting on the patio enjoying the morning breeze.

Or these two sitting on top of the frig waiting to be fed.  I do feed them on top of the frig so Romeo (piggy) doesn't eat their food.  I figure what better place to eat than on top of the frig?

Each evening I have my normal routine right before bed.  I pull my covers down, fluff my pillows, turn our the lights except for my bed side lamp and then go brush my teeth.  The other night when I came back to get in bed I found a ceratin dog-dog decided to turn my comforter into his bed. Used the pillows and all!  Smart dog.

Romeo and I on our nightly walks.

And since every picture so far has been of my furry children, I figured I better end with my not-so-furry child.....Colin.  Here is is on his 1st day of school.  The big 8th grader.

Hope you are slowing down this weekend to enjoy some family time.  I know I'm ready for it.


  1. If you really wanted to enjoy some family would come see me! :)
    Romeo is no dummy. He knows the comfy spots. ;)
    Hope you have a good weekend relaxing!
    Love you!

  2. OHHHHH I miss Romeo and those Kitty so much!!