Sunday, November 25, 2012

A little bit of Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one

So it appears as though I'm on the One-Post-A-Month-Plan with my blog.  Life is just too busy sometimes for computer time.  Well, except for Pinterest time.  I may skip doing a load of laundry before it interferes with Pinterest.  :)

Thought I would share some Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I didn't take many photos for Thanksgiving, but here is one funny one. Dad carving the turkey and Rome keeping a closeful eye.  He knew there was something yummy on that counter.

Yesterday Colin and I decided to get our Christmas tree. It's about 1 weekend early for us but I've been in the Christmas mood for about 30 days so I didn't want to wait another week. We went to the same tree farm we did last year because I love their selection. But instead of an IL tree we ended up with a MI. :) My Sissy's state grows cute trees.

Colin trying to stay warm by hugging a tree.

We always take pictures of ourselves.

Colin was determined to put that tree on top of our car this year. Last year we crammed it in the back but he said it must go on top! He was in charge of strapping it down and he did a fantastic job. See the determination on his face?  I love my buddy.

We took the slow, scenic route on our way home in hopes of spotting some wildlife. We did see a deer and a fox. Along the country road we spotted this cool barn so Colin jumped out so I could take his picture.  I had some fun editing it with PhotoScape.

When we got home we cranked up the Christmas music and decorated the tree.  I LOVE the smell of fresh pine in our home. The animals were super excited too. Romeo sat with us and chewed on a bone, the cats ran back and fourth under the tree and climbed in every box left open.

Once the tree was decorated everyone calmed down for a rest. I have been pinning different Photography tips on Pinterest all year that I couldn't wait to try. It took me about 100 attempts but I finally figured out the correct settings and Tiger was my model.

See the teddy bear lights?  Bokeh is the fancy name for it. Means blurred in Japanese. Here is a great tutorial on how to accomplish it.

I hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Christmas season. I know I am!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Must Watch

My Sissy showed me this video last weekend while visiting them in MI.  It's a must see for all of you.

May you have a wonderful weekend!