Thursday, June 27, 2013

Smokey Mountain Tennessee

I guess I'm on a one post every few months now.  Just choosing what is more important to me these days and trying to not let computer time take it over.  My boy is heading into High School so it's a constant slap in the face my time is limited with him.
Since time is limited a vacation is very important to me.  He still loves to be with me so I will take it every chance I get.  This Spring while discussing vacation ideas he continued to say he wanted to see the Mountains.  Yes we could have gone to Colorado but I didn't want to pay for plane tickets or drive that far so we settled for the Smokey Mountains.  I am happy we did because I forgot how beautiful they are.
Even though there is plenty to do in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg we stayed in the National Park as much as possible.  I would rather hang out with the 1,500 bears than the 1 million tourists.  But let me expand on that bear piece....I would rather be in my CAR hanging out with the bears not up close and personal.  Oh we saw bears too!
Colin tried his hand at fishing, looking for trout but didn't have much luck.  He didn't care, he just loved being in the water and I loved taking pictures of him (and I was in charge of watching for bears).
We hiked a few trails but this one was my favorite.  Trail was 1 1/2 miles, uphill (insert I about died), but the payoff was this beautiful waterfall.  I loved to hear the rushing water.

Me and my kiddo!
During one of our car drives we spotted two bear cubs.  It was hard to get their picture because the trees were so lush, but can you see him in there hanging on the tree?  I'm sure Mama Bear was close by too so we stayed in the car!

While heading on our final hike one evening we came to this sign as we approached the trail.  You have no idea how much I wanted to turn around and run for my car.  On our whole drive up to the mountain top Colin and I kept praying out loud to the Lord saying "Lord, can you please show us 1 bear?  Only one, just let him be along side the road."  When I started on this trail my prayer changed "Lord, this is NOT the time to show us that bear.  PLEASE keep them far away because I would not be tasty meat.  OK?!?!"

After the hike and being spared our lives, we started the very long drive back down the mountain side.  The sun was setting so we pulled off a few times for some beautiful pictures.  You sure do not get views like this in Illinois.

Love this silhouette picture of Colin I snagged.

And one funny picture to end the day.  Colin with a cute birdie eating his sunglasses.

Happy almost weekend!!!

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