Sunday, July 28, 2013

more random

Summer is quickly fading away.  I want to capture as much of the warm summer days as possible.  The last few days it has gotten almost chilly in Illinois. A reminder that fall isn't too far away.
Colin and I like to get in the car after dinner some evenings and drive.  No destination in mind, just away.  We ended up far in the country a few nights ago and was able to witness a beautiful sunset.
Mr. Tiger in all his glory.

Canning pickles with my Dad.  This was a first for me and I cannot wait to try what we created.  Dad did the majority of the work because I arrived late to his house, so we'll give him the credit.

My little strawberry patch in a container is producing fruit.  Very slow going, but enough to grab a strawberry each time you are in the yard playing.

The outline of Ms. Calleigh.  She is my sleeping buddy.  She sits and stares at me until I pet her.  It's a every evening ritual in my bedroom.  I try to tell her it isn't polite to stare but she doesn't care. She just wants so lovin.

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  1. Always fun to find another Illinois blogger, and an animal lover too. I'm over by Jacksonville and even though I'm not much of a blogger anymore, I'm having fun looking around at your pages. :)