Sunday, September 1, 2013

Camo and Doves

Well, I knew this day would come.  Whether I wanted it or not.  My boy has officially become a hunter and wants to kill animals.  I believe with all my heart God made men this way.  Heaven knows he didn't get this trait from me!  Oh no, I would rather not think about hunting.  But even though he has practically been raised by a female the inner hunter has come out.  And we have been very blessed to have the best worship minster at our church that is an avid hunter.  He has taken Colin under his wing (duck, goose, dove....wing) and is teaching him everything he needs to know about hunting.

So I guess today is the first day of Dove season so after church Colin and Adam set off to find something to kill.  I guess the time has also come for me to purchase camo for my boy.  We didn't have any so he had to settle for this other brown shirt.  :)  While loading up Adam said they would bring home lots of doves for his wife and I to clean.  I said unless they come in those big frozen bags like chicken legs to, don't bother.  I am not a Miss Kay like Duck Dynasty.  No blood and feathers for this Mama.  But now feathers stuffed to make a pretty pillow, I'll do that.